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OEM DigiEffects CameraMapper 1.2 for After Effects CS4 : Buy & Download

DigiEffects CameraMapper 1.2 for After Effects CS4
Manufacturer: Adobe
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $69.95
Our Price: $29.95
Simulate a 3D scene from 2D still images or video footage. Software plugins ; Adobe; download DigiEffects CameraMapper 1.2 for After Effects CS4.

Digieffects once again pushes After Effects one step closer to a 3D application.  Camera Mapper takes one of the most popular features from top 3D applications and adds it to your After Effects arsenal.   Now you can turn any 2D image into a three dimensional wonder by simply aligning 3D solids with features in your image.
Create multi-plane images with 3D parallax from any still image or project your image onto solids rotated in 3D space to create 3 dimensional objects that move realistically when camera moves are used.  The possibilities are endless.  Now instead of a video camera, all you need is a still image and some imagination.