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OEM Depth Of Field Generator PRO 3.0 for Adobe Photoshop CS2 : Buy & Download

Depth Of Field Generator PRO 3.0 for Adobe Photoshop CS2
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $24.95
Depth of Field Generator PRO is the result of ongoing research, development and programming collaboration between Richard Rosenman and Martin Vicanek in an effort to produce a Photoshop® compliant plugin capable of delivering high quality, sophisticated Depth of Field and Bokeh effects quickly and efficiently as a post process. Software plugins ; Other; download Depth Of Field Generator PRO 3.0 for Adobe Photoshop CS2. Depth Of field (DOF) is the amount of distance between the nearest and furthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus as seen by a camera lens. This field varies with the focal length of the lens, its f-stop setting, and the wavelength of light. Depth of field is heavily used in photography, film and computer graphics as a creative element, in typical examples ranging from portraiture to macro photography. In photography, DOF is governed by three factors: aperture, lens focal length and shooting distance. Many consumer class cameras, however, do not provide sufficient and independent control of these parameters. Digital cameras, in particular, usually show a wide depth of field - i.e. they are more tolerant to defocus effects. While this may be welcome in some instances (e.g. snapshot applications), it is often a serious deficiency in others (e.g. portraiture/macro photography). In computer graphics, physically accurate DOF can be effectively generated using complex raytracing techniques that tend to increase rendering times significantly. As a result, computer generated broadcast, print and film production often lacks DOF as a consequence of the lengthy calculation times. Depth of Field Generator PRO is available in two versions. v1.5 is intended for photographers and digital artists who require DOF processing on single frames only with a limited featureset. v3.0 is intended for photographers, digital artists and production studios who require DOF processing for animation, video, film and print, or for those who wish to have additional DOF control using v3.0s advanced features.