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OEM David FX 11.00 Multilingual : Buy & Download

David FX 11.00 Multilingual
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $89.95
Our Price: $39.95
David FX! unifies those things for which you normally need a high number of different devices and programs and accelerates the exposure to information as fast and comfortable as never before. other ; Other; download David FX 11.00 Multilingual. Communication The exchange of messages is only one of the hightlights of David FX!. Not for nothing, David FX! has been the measure of all things in the area of Unified Messaging for a many years. Nevermind if you work with eMails, telefaxes, VoiceMails, SMS messages or even RSS-Feeds David FX! unifies what belongs together and provides all information and media in one unique interface. Thus the sending, receiving and editing of different information will be as fast and efficient as never before. Teamwork David FX! is the ideal platform for a successful and effective teamwork. With the push of a button you are able to plan comprehensive tasks and complex projects. The integrated appointment wizard automatically finds the adequate date for all participants. Thanks to common inboxes, archives and address archives you can always be sure that someone takes care of your customers even when the appropriate contact person is out of the office. David FX! provides transparency and efficiency for your company like you never knew before and makes teamplay a real childs play. Multimedia More often, information is transmitted in sound and vision. For a good reason For many purposes voice and movie sequences provide a better information content than normal texts. other ; Other; download David FX 11.00 Multilingual. The integrated RSS-Server connects you to the latest news tickers in the Internet and besides textual feeds, it additionally provides you with the latest Audio-, Image- and VideoCasts from your subscribed source. No matter if economy or world affairs, branch ticker or customer magazine Thanks to David FX! you are literally always well-informed. Database With the Tobit Archive System, David FX provides a multimedial, centrally managed document management system. The archive structure can be modified to your individual demands so that you are able to create new archives for customers and projects at lightning speed. Thanks to the integrated redirectors you can comfortably embed external sources like SQL-, ODBC- oder Access databases into the Tobit Archive System. This way you are able to access information from several sources directly in the David.InfoCenter.