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OEM Darkling Simulations Din 1.0 for After Effects : Buy & Download

Darkling Simulations Din 1.0 for After Effects
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $159.95
Our Price: $49.95
DIN is a fast and flexible noise effect plugin for After Effects 5. Software plugins ; Other; download Darkling Simulations Din 1.0 for After Effects.5+ and After Effects compatible applications. Procedural noise is a key tool for making everything from fire to force fields to spectacular transitions. Click on any of the gallery images to the right to see animated examples of what DIN noise can do. DIN is a single super-powerful effect plugin. DINís wealth of look and animation controls allows DIN to generate a huge variety of effects. 13 noise basis patterns as well as your own custom basis. Basis texture size, sharpen, fade, and squeeze parameters. Fractal complexity and decay parameters. Spin, placement, and jiggle noise animation parameters. Control Layer (image control of noises). 10 preset looks to help you get started. DINís killer feature is the Control Layer. Control Layers allow you to specify where and how DIN noise effects are applied to your source layer. You can take any source footage or composition and use it to control DINís Size, Fade, Grid Align, Jiggle Distance, Rotate Align, or Squeeze amount. The example below shows DIN being controlled by two simple grayscale animated compositions (made using Particle Playground), resulting in a spectacular flame thrower animation.