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OEM Corel Photo Painter 8 : Buy & Download

Corel Photo Painter 8
Manufacturer: Corel
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail price: $269.00
Our Price: $39.95
* Mix your own colors * Blend colors interactively as you would with paint and a palette * Better, faster access * Enjoy easier access to tools, papers, patterns, gradients and nozzles with a redesigned interface * Enhanced compatibility With 30 mediums and over 400 new brushes, no other software replicates the traditional painting experience like Corel Painter 8. Graphics and Design ; Corel; download Corel Photo Painter 8. It unleashes your creative power, increases your productivity and enhances your compatibility with Adobe Photoshop, giving you digital tools that capture the subtleties of your artistic style. Interactively blend paint colors using the new Mixer and design custom brushes with the Brush Creator. Experiment with true-to-life media such as Digital Watercolor, and create original sketches from photographs. Graphics and Design ; Corel; download Corel Photo Painter 8. With a redesigned interface, customizable palettes, and industry-standard layer masks and channels, youll work more efficiently, leaving more time to be creative. Corel Painter 8 is the ultimate digital sketching and painting application. Its designed for digital artists, illustrators, pre-visualization artists and photographers who crave creative freedom, and need the tools to mimic the output and experience of traditional drawing and painting media. Graphics and Design ; Corel; download Corel Photo Painter 8. Unleash your creative power * Mix your own colors--blend colors interactively as you would using paint and a palette with the new Mixer palette * Design your own brushes interactively--the new Brush Creator was developed specifically to let you design your own custom brushes in a visual, interactive environment. Use the Randomizer to randomly modify the characteristics of an existing brush; combine the characteristics of two brushes together using the Transposer; or fine-tune brushes with the advanced controls of the Stroke Designer. The Brush Stroke preview lets you interactively view the changes you make to each brush before you apply them * Create sketches from photographs--use the new Sketch Effect to easily convert photographs to simple pencil drawings while controlling the amount of paper grain, the heaviness of the pencil line and the desired level of detail * Paint with Digital Watercolor--hand-paint line drawings, touch up photographs and create simple watercolor washes with the new Digital Watercolor simplified, transparent watercolor medium * Experiment with over 400 new brushes--take advantage of more than 400 new brushes in over 30 mediums, including acrylics, airbrushes, blenders, calligraphy pens, chalks, charcoal, cloners, colored pencils, cont?, crayons, distortion, erasers, felt pens, gouache, impasto, oils, palette knives, pastels, pencils, pens, photos, sponges, sumi-e, tinting and watercolor Increase your productivity * A redesigned interface for better, faster access--the redesigned toolbox provides easier access to tools, papers, patterns, gradients, nozzles, looks and weaves. Graphics and Design ; Corel; download Corel Photo Painter 8. A context-sensitive Property Bar puts commonly used controls at your fingertips, and the new Brush Selector simplifies your brush selection * Group palettes to customize your workflow--group and ungroup palettes in any configuration to match your workflow and reduce the number of palettes on screen * Keep track of your brushes--the new Tracker palette keeps track of your most recently used brushes so you can navigate between brushes quickly * Preview brushes--preview brushes before you paint with a live brush preview * View brush size as you paint--use the new Brush Preview Cursor to see the dab size and shape of the brush youve chosen * See image information at a glance--enjoy easy access to important image information, such as cursor position, color info and unit details, with the new Info palette Stay compatible * Hide and reveal areas of a layer--use the redesigned Layer Masks to hide and reveal areas of a layer without making permanent changes * Create and store masks--use alpha channels to create and store masks to modify, separate and preserve specific areas of an image * Open and save Adobe Photoshop files--enjoy enhanced support for opening and saving Adobe Photoshop files, including layer sets, layer masks and channels * Use the latest operating systems--take advantage of full compatibility with Mac OS X and Windows XP

* Windows: * Windows 2000 or Windows XP * Pentium processor, 200 MHz or higher * 128 MB RAM * 1024 x 728 dislplay * 24-bit color * CD-ROM drive * Mouse or tablet (Wacom tablet recommended)