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OEM Cebas FinalRender Stage-2 SP2 1.1 For Maya 8.5 : Buy & Download

Cebas FinalRender Stage-2 SP2 1.1 For Maya 8.5
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $99.95
Our Price: $24.95
finalShaders, an Add-On for finalrender Stage-1, is the latest development from cebas Computer. Software plugins ; Other; download Cebas FinalRender Stage-2 SP2 1.1 For Maya 8.5. finalShaders contains 14 advanced, easy-to-use, and ready to render materials. One of the main goals of finalShaders is to provide user efficiency when creating even the most complex material effects. They are fully customizable, flexible material types that will give you the ability to quickly get the specific looks you want. Note: One finalShaders license includes support for 6 CPUs for rendering. Additional Render Licenses may be purchased below. Keep in mind that those are rendering licenses only and not modeling licenses.