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OEM CAD Schroer Stheno Advanced 3.0 : Buy & Download

CAD Schroer Stheno Advanced 3.0
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $29.95
Ultimate design efficiency for top quality product development STHENO/PRO is a professional-grade intelligent drafting package - use it standalone, or fully integrated with Pro/DETAIL®, significantly expanding your Pro/ENGINEER design environment. other ; Other; download CAD Schroer Stheno Advanced 3.0. Conceived by engineers for engineers, STHENO/PRO offers a highly efficient and intuitive user interface. Central administration, data conversion facilities, and raster support for non-CAD drawings, as well as link-up to data management systems such as Pro/INTRALINK® or Windchill® PDMLink™, mean you benefit from an integrated data management solution, and can finally retire your legacy 2D systems Use STHENO/PRO in support of your 3D strategy to consolidate and edit complementary 2D data, create diagrams, and add supplementary design information; then save it as a Pro/ENGINEER file. Or use it standalone for powerful mechanical design and process schematics. STHENO/PRO is used in production and tendering for conceptual layout, symbol creation, drawing and diagram annotation, raster image maintenance, and much more. It’s modern, cost effective, easy to learn and is available on all major platforms, including Windows®, Solaris® and Unix®. STHENO/PRO is the only 2D drafting solution fully integrated with Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/INTRALINK® and Windchill® PDMLink™. STHENO/PRO ADVANCED is our most comprehensive STHENO/PRO package, including SMART Edit, Drilling Tables, Tolerance Tables, Symbol Libraries for 50 DIN/EN/ISO standards, the STHENO/IMAGE COLOUR™ module for incorporating legacy data and colour images in raster format, and much more besides. other ; Other; download CAD Schroer Stheno Advanced 3.0.