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OEM Bauhaus Mirage Studio 1.5 : Buy & Download

Bauhaus Mirage Studio 1.5
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $14.95
Mirage is a powerful, creative environment for the production of 2D animation and special effects. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Bauhaus Mirage Studio 1.5. Designed for professional studios and freelancers requiring a maximum of flexibility and productivity, Mirage combines real-time paint, animation, and special effects functionalities into a single product. A true paperless digital animation system, Mirage dramatically broadens the capabilities of traditional 2D animators, and is proven to save up to 50% in production time compared with traditional 2D pipelines. The Next Generation of 2D Animation Tools Mirage provides the same levels of control in the digital domain that artists are accustomed to with physical media. Mirage’s state-of-the-art 2D paint and drawing tools, combined with it’s industry-leading animation engine, drastically simply and accelerate the way artists draw, animate, and create special effects for 2D. Working with MIrage, animators can move from initial storyboards, pencil tests, and roughs straight through to inked, colored frames, without ever resorting to physical media or changing software. Mirage also integrates seamlessly with vector-animation workflows based on such tools as Macromedia Flash™. Thanks to it’s real-time architecture, there’s no “final render” to contend with in Mirage – artists simply export their finished work to the animation or video format of their choice. Create captivating 2D animation in any style Mirage provides access to the complete range of classical 2D animation techniques: cel, collage/cut-out, rotoscoping, stop-motion, crayon drawing, motion graphics, rotoscoping, and more. Mirage also makes it easy to combine styles – cel animation on one layer, rotoscoped video on another, and cut-out animation on a third. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Bauhaus Mirage Studio 1.5. Mirage’s innovative Anim Brushes™ allow for an incredible array of dynamic 2d effects, allowing artists to work with share character “palettes” for production. Provide Unparalleled Image Quality Built on a real-time bitmap paint engine, Mirage’s toolkits allow artists to smudge, smear, ink, oil, and replicate almost any other creation activity in a traditional animation studio. Free of the limitations imposed by vector-only drawing tools Artists can easily produce higher-quality productions, using their natural-media drawing skiils to their advantage. Complemented by a wide array of color manipulation, correction, keying, and special effects tools, Mirage digitally produces frames which are indistinguishable from those draw on real paper. Consolidate the Workflow