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OEM BaseHead SFX Database 2.5 : Buy & Download

BaseHead SFX Database 2.5
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $19.95
BaseHead is our flagship product for searching and finding your Sound Effects, Music and Audio Files. other ; Other; download BaseHead SFX Database 2.5..It makes it easy to Add and Scan through 1000's of audio files and then Filter the Results/Audition and transfer directly into your Target App like Nuendo, or copy to a specified directory.Either the whole file or just a small section of the sound file can be spotted directly onto the timeline. 

Originally we made this program just for ourselves to use and speed up our work, but the BaseHead Project has grown beyond that thanks to the input of hundreds of users.

Features: (PC)
Ultra-Fast Searching, Filtering and Previewing of Audio Files. other ; Other; download BaseHead SFX Database 2.5.
The Slickest/Quickest/Coolest interface of them all
Drag and Drop Support of the whole file or a selection with either Copying or Referencing
Cross-platform license and Database format
Waveform caching of all formats supported.
Skip Silence playback (Cached files only)
42 Fields of Metadata searchable
FileBrowser Window
Tag Viewer Window
Quick switching between multiple databases
Pitch Slider (Controlled from Ctrl+Mouse Wheel)
Taglist Page for Copying/Transferring/Renaming multiple sounds at once
Ability to Add Pre, Post and BWAV Descriptions or Shorten file names on Transfer
4 Separate Search Input Fields so you can fine tune searches. Also with Search History
Injects renamed Descriptions back into the audio files (WAV/BWAV only)
CD/Folder Browsing of files in the Database
Can act as a Media Player!
Boolean Searching (And, Or, Not, Xor, Exact)
Opens sounds in a wave editor such as WaveLab or SoundForge for destructive editing
Multichannel audio playback Crashed to Stereo
Nuendo/Cubase and Reaper Spot-to-track support
Nuendo/Cubase Project Path Recall with Auto-Switching depending on which project is open
Pro Tools Spot to Track
Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro Support to send files to their Audio Bins
Drive Anchors to keep track of Drives even when they have different drive Letters
Hiding of off-line files and folders
Ability to access licenses thru the Network or Web!
Works over a network
Ability to set and mark playback regions
SoundMiner v3 Metadata Importing from BWAVs.
SoundMiner Ripper v4 data now imported
Reads MP3 ID3 tags