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OEM Band in a box 2006 Megapak : Buy & Download

Band in a box 2006 Megapak
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Multimedia and Entertainment
Retail price: $149.95
Our Price: $39.95
The new MegaPak puts all the Band-in-a-Box add-ons- every Style Disk and Soloist disk available plus the MIDI Fakebook and both volumes I and II of the Inside Band-in-a-Box instructional videos into one Mega package for the Band-in-a-Box enthusiast who wants it all on one convenient CD-ROM. Multimedia and Entertainment ; Other; download Band in a box 2006 Megapak. It includes the latest version of Band-in-a-Box, more than 300 styles on Styles Disks 1 through 11, over 50 Megabytes of hot solos on Soloist Disks 1-7, 300 Classical, Traditional and Bluegrass songs in The MIDI Fakebook Plus the new PowerGuide CD with both volumes I & II of the hugely popular Inside Band-in-a-Box videos feature Peter Gannon. The award-winning Band-in-a-Box is so easy to use! Just type in the chords for any song using standard chord symbols (like C, Fm7 or C13b9), choose the style youd like, and Band-in-a-Box does the rest. Band-in-a-Box automatically generates a complete professional quality arrangement of piano, bass, drums, guitar and strings in a wide variety of popular styles. (Jazz, Pop, Country, Classical and more.) First off, the program is rebuilt with a 32-bit clean engine. Program operations are much faster, including up to 3 times faster notation redraws, song and soloing generation. Playback timing is improved and rock-solid with all versions of Windows. The GUI is enhanced with floating/dockable toolbars and more. Theyve added support for DirectX synthesizers (Dxi instruments), allowing you to connect to new synths like the HyperCanvas, VSampler, or sound font players for playback or direct rendering. There are amazing new Audio Vocal Harmony routines that you can apply to the part, allowing you to automatically create up to 4-part vocal harmonies from your singing part. These are actual audio harmonies of your sining voice, not MIDI synth versions! And dont worry if your singing is out of tune-- Band in a Box can now “fix” vocals to the correct pitch automatically! Simply record your vocal part, choose a harmony, and Band in a Box will generate the vocal harmony parts for you! You can now load a MIDI file into Band in a Box using a single keystroke (F7), and the MIDI file will play with the chords intelligently interpreted on-screen. A new function allows you to erase all channels except the MIDI file melody. You can then change the style of the MIDI file to any Band in a Box style! Notation display and printout is enhanced with the addition of repeats, first and second endings, DS/DC al Coda symbols and more! Theres a new Wizard that will intelligently add 1st/2nd endings automatically for you. Multimedia and Entertainment ; Other; download Band in a box 2006 Megapak. Now you can view and convert your current song collection to include 1st/2nd endings in lead sheet format! Theres a new LyricView window, displaying a full screen of formatted lyrics. Easily copy and paste lyrics to and from your favorite word processor.. Weve made major enhancements to the SongPicker dialog by adding new fields like song key, form, file size, and more. Now you can sort your songs by any field! Theres a new “Hybrid Styles” feature which allows you to play a style that has instruments from up to 5 different styles! There is a fun “Strauss in a Box” feature that converts any 4/4 song/melody into a Waltz, or any Waltz into a 4/4 song. Theres new support and styles made for odd-time signatures, like 11/8, 13/16. etc ... and much more.