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OEM AutoCAD R14 : Buy & Download

AutoCAD R14
Manufacturer: Autodesk PSG
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail price: $29.95
Our Price: $14.95
AutoCAD Release 14 is the last version prior to the 2000 series. Graphics and Design ; Autodesk PSG; download AutoCAD R14. AutoCAD 14 includes multiple upgrades from AutoDesk. We can’t list them all but here are the highlights of the AutoCAD 14 version: Faster redraw! Eliminated the refresh file and its memory demands with new graphics system Zoom or pan operation upgraded- no more Regenerations in paper space following a zoom /pan Save drawing space with new Polylines and hatch patterns stored as single objects Load Xref drawing more efficiently - only the portions of the referenced drawing are loaded as needed in AutoCAD 14 New AutoSnap feature indicates the snap points on an object with a colored marker View a drawing you are about to print with new Plot PREVIEW command Track and locate points relative to other points in your drawing with X and Y filtering Zoom and Pan Real-time are now options of the ZOOM and PAN commands. Right-click enables you to cut and paste previously issued commands Create and modify layers and linetypes with the new AutoCAD 14 Layer & Linetype dialog box Quickly copy the properties of one object to one or more objects with Match Properties command Make an object’s layer the current layer with new Make Layer Current tool Create and edit paragraph text with the new Multiline Text Editor dialog box Specify fonts by name instead of by filename via The STYLE command dialog box Use the Microsoft standard Windows Explorer dialog box to Open and Save As in AutoCAD Display, remove, customize or create new toolbars via the Toolbars dialog box

. Graphics and Design ; Autodesk PSG; download AutoCAD R14