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OEM AraldFX DKS Pro VSTi 1.7 : Buy & Download

AraldFX DKS Pro VSTi 1.7
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Music Software
Retail price: $79.95
Our Price: $49.95
DKS is born after three years of studying the classic analogue drum machines, which were able to produce convincing drums sounds with simple electronic means. Music Software ; Other; download AraldFX DKS Pro VSTi 1.7. By joining the classical oscillator-based electronics drum synthesis approach with simple FM synthesis, physical modeling of the drum shell, a powerful set of effects, and a beautiful user interface DKS is an unique, easy to use, and incredibly versatile drums synthesizer. This synthesizer can accurately emulate many of the classic electronic drums machine sounds, but through its extra FM and physical drum shell modeling features can go much further, even giving an interesting acoustic touch to synthesized sounds Support Windows all