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OEM Ajsoftware Outback Plus 7.0 : Buy & Download

Ajsoftware Outback Plus 7.0
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Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $29.95
OutBack Plus is the original and the premiere Microsoft Outlook backup and restore utility. other ; Other; download Ajsoftware Outback Plus 7.0. created the first utility for backing up Outlook in 1999. Tens of thousands of users worldwide use OutBack Plus to backup Outlook.

OutBack Plus will take all the drudgery out of backing up your Outlook personal folders, signatures, stationery, address book, contacts, calendar, notes, RSS feeds, and more. No need to worry about which files to backup, which to ignore, which registry entries to copy, and which items to omit. OutBack Plus will do all the work for you. More importantly, OutBack Plus can restore the data whenever necessary with just a few clicks!

Outlook Backup Features:

  •  Comprehensive Outlook backup - OBP saves all important Outlook data including:
  •  Personal Folder data...
  •  Mail folders (InBox, Outbox, etc) and all personal mail folders
  •  Contacts and Address Book
  •  Tasks
  •  Calendar
  •  Journal
  •  Outlook control files and settings... other ; Other; download Ajsoftware Outback Plus 7.0.
  •  Signatures
  •  Internet Email Accounts
  •  Offline Storage, Offline Address Book
  •  Outlook bar settings
  •  Outlook Option Settings
  • Global views and menu customizations
  •  Virtual business cards (VCF files)
  •  Message rules
  •  Stationery
  •  Enhanced backup & restore support for Outlook 2003/2007...
  •  Business Contact Manager Add-in
  •  Junk mail customization
  •  Custom favorite links
  •  Enhanced support for Office 2007...
  •  Office 2007 Quick Access Toolbars
  •  Office spelling and proofing options
  •  Office custom dictionaries and auto correct lists
  •  Backup locked Outlook Files - OBP can make a backup of Outlook while Outlook is running (i.e. while Outlook data files are still open and in-use). This unique feature is available when using the optional "AJS Open File Manager" module.
  •  Advanced Restore Functionality - OutBack Plus gives you full control over the restore process.
  •  Three restore "wizards"
  •  "Full" restore function to restore all (or any selection) of the items from the backup. other ; Other; download Ajsoftware Outback Plus 7.0.
  •  "Search" restore function - to restore Personal Folder data to search for data in an old folder -- without affecting the existing Personal Folders.
  •  "Import" restore function - to restore Personal Folder data for import into an existing Personal Folder (allowing a merge of data folders).
  •  Support for multiple Outlook profiles
  •  Backup and restore multiple Outlook profiles at once
  •  Restore a backup with a single Outlook profile to a selected profile on a machine with multiple profiles
  •  Restore a profile to a different profile (cross profile restore).

Additional Backup Features:

  • * Backup additional data - OutBack Plus includes logic to backup (and restore) other data -- i.e. data other than Outlook data:
  • Θ Documents folder and the Desktop
  • Θ Internet Explorer favorites - and all critical settings - including IE8 parameters
  • Θ FireFox browser data and settings
  • Θ Opera browser data and settings
  • Θ Any additional data desired [using custom backup groups]
  • * Backup Jobs - OutBack Plus automatically remembers the set of items selected for a backup along with the other pertinent backup parameters (e.g. the backup location). You may have any number of "Jobs" which may then be used to perform:
  • Θ A scheduled backup using the simple OutBack Plus scheduler (included), or using the Windows Scheduler
  • Θ A repeat of the backup job without using the OBP Backup Wizard