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OEM Aborange Synchronizer 7.2 German : Buy & Download

Aborange Synchronizer 7.2 German
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $79.95
Our Price: $29.95
Synchronizer is a software for comfortable and secure comparison and synchronization of drives, directories and files. other ; Other; download Aborange Synchronizer 7.2 German. So you can keep databases in sync between multiple computers or make backups. The comparison and synchronization can be done on a single computer (desktop) or between different networked computers (desktops, notebooks, servers). The data can be located on an internal or external hard drive or on different media (eg USB stick). The operation and the clarity of the Utilities are exemplary: First, determine one or more combinations of drive or directory to be synchronized. Then start the comparison and you will receive a clear preview of the data to be synchronized. After an optional review of the list, you can exclude files from synchronization, or change the synchronization direction. Finally synchronizer performs the actual data synchronization quickly and safely for you. Of course Synchronizer allows you to store unlimited number of synchronization tasks in their own profiles and make large-scale settings (except to maintain lists that determine whether or not subdirectories should be included or whether files by date or time, should be compared only by file name, etc.). It can synchronize both manually and scheduled using the scheduler aborange or the built-in Windows Task Scheduler to be carried out.