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OEM Ablume VIPstegano 1.2 : Buy & Download

Ablume VIPstegano 1.2
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $29.95
Hides text in a picture

  •      Will work on Windows 95 (and later)
  •      You can hide text in a picture. other ; Other; download Ablume VIPstegano 1.2. The positions of the letters are calculated in a unique way using your password
  •      A 3 Megapixel photo (e.g. 2048 * 1536 24bit colors) can hide 3 Megabytes of text
  •      Even a tiny thumbnail of 32 * 32 can contain 1 KB
  •      Pictures in 8bit color encoding can be used as well - but their capacity is only about one third of the 24bit ones
  •      After writing into the picture you do not notice any change in it
  •      Picture compression is not possible because of the loss of accurate information
  •      Therefore the pictures must be saved in bmp-format
  •      Just send your thumbnails as email attachment over the internet - don't trade your right to privacy
  •      No one will be suspicious. Scanning for keywords is just impossible
  •      The program works very fast - but I recommend a PC with over 1 GHz and more than 128 MB memory
  •      Check if your PC is fast enough for this program - the processing time is displayed
  •      The program is fully functioning. Only saving of pictures is restricted after a while
  •      After registration you get a key to unlock it
  •      Download vipstegano. other ; Other; download Ablume VIPstegano (550 KB), unzip and run the setup
  •      For Linux users: VIPstegano runs under the wine wrapper