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OEM 1st Desktop Guard v2.2 : Buy & Download

1st Desktop Guard v2.2
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $24.95
With personal computers becoming part of our lives and everyone in the household using them, its hard to keep track of the icons that are located on the desktop. other ; Other; download 1st Desktop Guard v2.2. Many times, you might want to arrange them differently for different jobs. Moreover in case the computer is located in a shared environment like public library or university or internet cafe, a lot of people can use it and rearrange the icons or change the wallpaper. Many times icons get accidentally deleted and it is no longer possible to restore. To avoid this problem altogether, we created this software, that will help you tidy up your personal desktop space. It will allow you to make your work faster and easier, with a few easy steps and will rid you of the hassles related to your desktop. Here are the major features of 1st Desktop Guard: You can save and restore all the desktop icons positions. If you or somebody else deletes an icon on the desktop, the program will restore it. Password protect your configuration. Assign different privileges to different users. If the desktop wallpaper will change, the program will restore it. The software can run in automatic mode, so that desktop is restored automatically.

. other ; Other; download 1st Desktop Guard v2.2