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OEM Ñraft Director Tools 8.1 for 3ds max and maya : Buy & Download

Ñraft Director Tools 8.1 for 3ds max and maya
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $199.95
Our Price: $24.95
Craft Director Tools is a suite of real-time animation tools useful for everything from making a car drive down the street to animating jitter in a camera. The set of tools is relatively easy to install, use, and animate and the results are very impressive with the amount of time that goes into the setup. The tools are basically broken down into 3 types: Vehicles, Cameras, and Accessories. The creators of the Tools call their product “real time animations tools” because that’s what they are. Control of the vehicles and cameras are done through a chosen input device--keyboard, joystick, steering wheel, etc. As you move the input device, the camera or vehicle is controlled in real time and keyframed as you move it. Imagine driving a car or flying a plane in a video game and you get the idea. If you want to turn the car right, you hit the right arrow key (in the case of keyboard input) and the car moves right. Once you’re done driving the car, hit the “stop” button on the toolbar and you can watch the car drive in the exact path that you just input. Installation and licensing with 3ds Max is very straightforward. The program installs to its own directory, and it adds a plugin to the plugin directory. To launch Craft Director Tools, you click on the “Start Director Tools” button that the install has added to the Utilities palette. One complaint I have here is how the program has you select which tool you want to use. The interface uses a scrolling window with icons that move based on the location of your mouse (the icons scroll faster the farther from the center of the window your mouse is.) It is quite difficult to choose a particular tool, and I think it would work out much better to simply have a scroll bar on the window. You can however type in the name of the tool and access it that way.